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Leaf Guard Systems

Chicagoland Leaf Guard Installation Company

Clogged gutters can affect the performance of your gutters by preventing proper drainage, which causes water to back up onto your roof and overflow, potentially causing costly damage. Most concerning are roof leaks due to water constantly pooling in one place. Once water penetrates through your roof, it can create structural damage and mold.

Gutter guards are highly recommended for any home in the Chicagoland area. If you have a lot of trees on your property it becomes near essential to keep leaves and debris out of your gutters. Matrix Exteriors installs the best gutter guard systems on the market. Our experience and expertise in roofing and gutter systems ensure your gutter guard system will be properly installed by experienced roofing professionals.

Whether you’re looking to install gutter guards on an existing gutter system, replace your gutters, or a professional evaluation of your gutter system, Matrix Exteriors can help you choose the best gutter guard systems for your Chicagoland property. Contact Us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.


    Matrix Exteriors Gutter Guard Systems
    Matrix Exteriors Gutter Guard Systems
    Matrix Exteriors Gutter Guard Systems


    • Stainless steel micro-mesh keeps out leaves, pine needles, and roof grit.
    • Mosquitoes, wasps, birds, rodents, and other annoying critters are unable to nest in your gutters.
    • Installs on any type of gutter and roof, guaranteed.
    • Won’t warp, crack, or rust, so you can expect protection season after season.
    • Micro-mesh combined with an aluminum extruded frame provide the perfect amount of strength and flexibility for the ultimate gutter protection.
    • Lifts debris off the gutter guard so that it can blow off in the wind.
    • Ensures superior water flow, even in severe downpours.
    • Enhances rigidity to support heavy debris.


    1. Low Maintenance. Forget about cleaning your gutters or paying someone else to. Gutter Guards keep leaves and debris out of the gutter system. Most debris is blown away by the wind.

    2. Water Shedding. Since your gutters are clear of debris, Gutter Guards allow water in and your gutter system does the rest, properly shedding water away from your home’s foundation.

    3. Fits on every home. Our Gutter Guards come in a variety of sizes and are completely customizable to ensure a proper fit on your gutter system.

    4. Low Profile. From the ground you won’t even be able to tell a Gutter Guard system is installed. The system sits inside your gutter track, making it low profile.

    5. Strong, Durable and Long-Lasting. Our Gutter Guard systems are manufactured with the highest quality materials. The cheap gutter guards can rust, rot or distort. We professionally install your Gutter Guard system to ensure it lasts for many, many years.


    Gutter Guard Systems Chicagoland - Matrix Exteriors

    Our gutter guards provide protection like no other gutter guard available. Every aspect of gutter guard systems are essential in their goal to provide a maintenance-free & self-cleaning gutter protection system, far more advanced than anything available on the market today.

    • Works on every roof style
    • Fits both 5″ and 6″ gutters
    • Can be modified to fit 4″ to 10″ gutters.
    • Highly adaptable to work for every situation.

    These gutter guards are made from a special blend of polypropylene and UV stabilizers to withstand the harshest storms, hottest climates, and coldest seasons imaginable.

    Gutter End Cap - Matrix Exteriors Chicagoland

    Gutter End Caps close off the gutter & gutter protection system from blowing debris and other potential dangers like nesting birds, bugs, and squirrels. The End Cap provides a clean termination for the entire gutter system. Interchangeable from right to left sides.

    Miter Connector - Matrix Exteriors Chicagoland

    The Miter Connector is used to create a functional yet aesthetically pleasing transition on all outside corners. The Miter piece adds strength to the outside corners and keeps debris out.

    Wide Mouth Outlet - Matrix Exteriors Chicagoland

    The Wide Mouth Outlet is four times larger than regular outlets. Airborne dirt and small troublesome debris pass smoothly and completely unobstructed into the downspout. The Wide Mouth Outlet also eliminates the use of fasteners or sealants around the downspout outlet, which removes debris snagging problems.

    Downspout Clean-Out

    The Downspout Clean-Out filters micro debris for homeowners that want the benefits of a micro screen without the expense and constant maintenance hazards associated with them. Downspout Clean-Outs install at ground level, just above the underground pipe. This is a safe and manageable location to service when it is convenient for you. We recommend emptying out the basket after every rainfall, or whenever you see fit.


    We carry the most diverse and best quality gutter guards in the industry. With a vast line of gutter guards, we are sure to have the right solution for your home. From pine cones to tree seeds and everything in between, our gutter guards will protect your Chicagoland gutters from whatever mother nature throws at them.

    Aluminum Gutter Guards
    Aluminum Channel Gutter Guards
    Aluminum Channel
    Clean Mesh Gutter Guards
    Clean Mesh
    Diamond PVC Snap-In Gutter Guards
    Diamond PVC Snap-In
    Drop In Gutter Guards
    Drop In
    Filter Flo Poly Gutter Guards
    Filter Flo Poly
    Filter Flo XT Poly Gutter Guards
    Filter Flo XT Poly
    Free Flow Gutter Guards
    Free Flow
    High Flow Gutter Guards
    High Flow
    Hinged Gutter Guards
    Hoover Dam Gutter Guards
    Hoover Dam
    Leaf Defender Gutter Guards
    Leaf Defender
    Leaf Out Gutter Guards
    Leaf Out
    Lock On Gutter Screen
    Lock On
    Mesh Max Pro Gutter Guard
    Mesh Max Pro
    Micro Mesh Gutter Guards
    Micro Mesh
    Solid PVC Snap-In Gutter Guards
    Solid PVC Snap-In
    Step Up Gutter Guards
    Step Up

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    About Matrix Exteriors and Custom Interiors

    Chicago Home Remodeling and Renovation Contractors

    Matrix Exteriors and Custom Interiors is a Chicagoland home improvement company that offers Home Construction, Home Remodeling, and Home Repair services. Located in Naperville, Illinois, we proudly serve the entire Chicagoland area. We believe that our construction skills in and around your home, are second to the relationship we build through honesty and outstanding service. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Let us finish that “honey do list”.

    We’re a real, professional company that provides the friendly, high-caliber service of a family-owned business. We thoroughly clean the job site daily, answer any questions you may have during the project, and treat you and your home with the utmost respect. We take COMPLETE responsibility for the work we do. Let us work for you.


    Chicagoland Home Remodeling and Renovation

    Matrix Exteriors and Custom Interiors is a home improvement company that offers Home Construction, Home Remodeling, and Home Repair services. Located in Naperville, Illinois, we proudly serve the entire Chicagoland area. We believe that our construction skills in and around your home, are second to the relationship we build through honesty and outstanding service. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Let us finish that “honey do list”. We’re a real, professional company that provides the friendly, high-caliber service of a family-owned business. We thoroughly clean the job site daily, answer any questions you may have during the project, and treat you and your home with the utmost respect. We take COMPLETE responsibility for the work we do. Let us work for you.

    Pam C.
    Pam C.
    My encounter with Matrix, which handled an Allstate claim on my behalf, was an incredibly seamless process. They oversaw the entire process for me, and upon receiving full approval from my insurance carrier, the construction company Matrix, which was responsible for installing my new GAF roofing system, was equally efficient. Their level of organization and professionalism was exceptional throughout the experience. AAA service.
    Adam C.
    Adam C.
    If you’re reading this review, then you’ve already found the best home exterior company in the business. We reached out to Matrix Exteriors because of the reviews, but decided to give our trust to them after meeting David personally. No one will work harder, is more fair, and the work is second to none. His teams are professional, polite, and will treat your home with respect. We have already begun thinking about what our next project will be with them. Thanks David!
    Eddie and K.
    Eddie and K.
    I contacted Matrix for a quote on new gutters and roof repairs, and a representative named David Ortiz from Matrix arrived to discuss my options. He was highly knowledgeable, articulate, and provided valuable information so I entered into a contract with him. The next day, the workers arrived and completed the job as promised. David's genuine concern for customers was evident in his demeanor and expert negotiation skills, reflecting his extensive experience in sales. Matrix is the go-to company for home renovations done efficiently and without any hassle. I am grateful to the Matrix team and David for their excellent work.
    Danuta G.
    Danuta G.
    I am thoroughly impressed with this company, from the sales team to their construction division. When I say they are organized, I mean these individuals are incredibly structured and function with a seamless, collaborative, and disciplined approach to teamwork.
    Jacklyn C.
    Jacklyn C.
    Great company
    Victor C.
    Victor C.
    On February 26, 2024 Dupage county experienced severe storms that left many properties damaged in the area. We were met with multiple roofing and exterior company’s for possible inspection on the hail damage left behind. Matrix Exteriors impressed us the most. March 11, 2024 we were met with Eric who did the initial inspection, and it was like seeing a long time friend. He used a drone for the inspection and took photos. They were the only company that offered this. There was no pressure was so ever. He showed us the damage and concerns. March 15, 2024 the claims adjuster met with Eric and Ryan from Matrix Exteriors. They showed the adjuster the property. 20 minutes later, Matrix Exteriors came back with approval on moving forward with replacing the dwelling, garage and shed roof. On March 19, 2024 David, Senior Production Manager showed us our options and went over the material used and warranties offered. March 21, 2024 Matrix Exteriors construction crew of 15 plus were here and to work. They started at 8am and were done by 2pm! The work done was outstanding. We are beyond impressed with the high quality product and work they have done. On the same day of install, our next door neighbors were getting their roof done as well. It took that other company two days just to do the dwelling vs the 3 roofs Matrix Exteriors did in 6 hours. Matrix Exteriors is now our official go to for exterior work. I highly recommend this company. Whether you are doing an insurance claim or looking to simply update your home, give them a call. My family thanks you for your teams hard work in providing such amazing product. Let’s not forget the clean up as well, not a single nail or debris left behind. The entires experience was seamless!
    Sayantan C.
    Sayantan C.
    The service from Matrix was phenomenal. First of all, the service is top notch, they look out for your interests, negotiate with the insurance adjuster and provide full service. It was painless and seamless. David was awesome, the way he explained, the way he got the team to execute in short order, provided the best solution and advised where things were not necessary instead of trying to upsell. The crew/workmen who replaced the roof were super quick delivering a high quality roof replacement, extremely professional and very clean. Not the smallest of debris was left lying around. Never seen such a diligent crew. Last but not the least, Ryan was great as well as he was my first point of contact and took extra care liaising with the insurance adjuster. Overall, if you want exterior renovation, remodel, repair etc. they should be on your speed dial. You couldn't get better service and that too without having to prompt or chase. They wont upcharge you and provide you the best/upgraded solution. Entire experience was one to remember. I would highly recommend Matrix.
    Dewayne E.
    Dewayne E.
    I recently had my roof and gutters replaced by Matrix Exteriors, and I couldn't be more impressed with the outstanding job they did. From the initial consultation to the final cleanup, every aspect of the process was handled with professionalism and expertise. The team was prompt, courteous, and highly skilled, ensuring that the project was completed efficiently and to the highest standards. Not only does my home now have a sturdy and beautiful roof, but the new gutters are functioning flawlessly, protecting my property from water damage. I highly recommend Matrix Exteriors to anyone in need of roofing and gutter services. They exceeded my expectations in every way, and I am grateful for their exceptional workmanship.
    Nerrad Y.
    Nerrad Y.
    Fantastic job! Reliable company! Thank you
    Stephanie A.
    Stephanie A.
    Eric & David are phenomenal! Words can’t describe how grateful we are for these two guys. They are truly good at what they do. They treat you like family and deliver results.
    Marylou T.
    Marylou T.
    Matrix is phenomenal Company! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! GREAT RESPECTFUL WORKERS! They helped my parents with their house and made it very easy and they felt comfortable asking questions! Exceptional work, on time, clean and very professional! I would highly recommend working with Matrix!
    Steve M.
    Steve M.
    Brandon P.
    Brandon P.
    Matrix helped me file a claim with my insurance company. Everyone on the team is very professional and willing to listen to what my needs are. I highly recommend Matrix if anyone needs improvement on their houses.
    Corey J.
    Corey J.
    David and his team at Matrix Exteriors were absolutely outstanding in replacing the 24-year-old roof, gutters and window wraps on my house and shed. They also installed a new sliding patio door that looks and works perfectly - they really did a tremendous job. If I have any other home projects coming up that I need help with, I know who to reach out to first - David at Matrix! Check out their website, they probably have your need covered. He is your guy- he will make sure you are a happy customer. Trust me.
    Victor C.
    Victor C.
    Matrix is truly a an amazing company to do buisness with. Organzied, punctual, attentive to detail and fully engaged with customer service. 5 Stars all across the board.
    Tabitha C.
    Tabitha C.
    Matrix worked with the insurance, Knowing all the ins and outs. They not only got everything covered, but did all the work so I didn’t have to deal with several different contractors. It was seamless and easy. Everything is fixed and like new. They did an awesome job on the roof fix, new porch, bay window and interior damage. It was really nice to just hand the headache to someone else and be so well taken care of.
    Adam R.
    Adam R.
    Matrix Exteriors was highly professional and responsive from start to finish. My roof and side paneling were damaged by hail earlier this year. Matrix identified the damage, initiated a claim process with my home insurance company, handled any disputes with said insurer, and ensured a fair claim adjustment. They took time make sure I was comfortable with the contracted scope of work. Roof work was finished in a day. Side paneling took 2 days. There were no issues and no surprises. Any questions I had were addressed quickly and clearly. Scheduling the work was easy too.On top of all that, the quality of new roof tiles and side paneling is significantly better than what was installed before (less likely to be damaged by hail in the future). I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend Matrix Exteriors.
    Dale C.
    Dale C.
    Great experience from start to finish. Very easy to work with. Handled all insurance claim issues. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Work was done quickly. A+
    Brian S.
    Brian S.
    Me and wife can’t say enough about Matrix. David and his crew went over and beyond on the repair of my home. The whole team stayed on top of my insurance company and their communication is top notch. The whole was extremely time consuming but they made it smooth and easy. David and his crew replaced my roof and siding. Also David had the crews repaint all my trim. And the best part was he noticed damage on my garage doors and had them replaced also. In the future if there is any work that needs to be done to my home David and his crew at Matrix will be my first call.Thank you guys!!!
    Sean M.
    Sean M.
    Matrix is a Class Act. No exaggeration as they walk the talk. From knowledge and professionalism of David and his team, including adjusters to deal with insurance holdups, Matrix exemplifies a higher quality of excellent follow through, great communication and most importantly a swift and clear understanding of the progression of the roof replacement. I would highly recommend them. I had no doubt they would make the best choice for our home.
    Jannene A.
    Jannene A.
    I found the staff to be very friendly, sincere, and knowledgeable. This was a strong reason to choose this company for their service. The team of staff and workers were helpful, supportive; as well as organized, thorough, and respectful.We were happy with the results, the warranty, and most important, the house looks great!
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