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TPO, also known as a “Cool Roof”, is a very durable and energy-efficient roofing system. TPO roofing can reduce heating and air conditioning costs by as much as 25 – 35% once installed and completed. TPO can be used in many applications from commercial to residential flat roofs.

TPO is a thermoplastic membrane composed of three layers, TPO polymer base, polyester-reinforced fabric center (scrim), and thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top coat. This product can handle a building’s thermal contraction and expansion more effectively than most other roofing. Each seam is welded together to make one giant sheet to protect you from the outside elements.

If you’re searching for ways to lower energy costs and protect your Chicagoland flat roof, consider a cool roof to make your structure more energy-efficient and comfortable. Contact Us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.


    Chicagoland TPO / Cool Roof Benefits

    TPO Roofing Energy Savings


    TPO roofing saves money. Since being introduced on the market, it’s become known as one of the most cost-efficient roofing materials available in the Chicagoland area. TPO roofing can reduce heating and air conditioning costs by as much as 25 – 35% once installed and completed. TPO roofing has a reflective, UV resistant surface that helps reduce the amount of energy needed to cool down a structure by repelling the heat of the sun. Our TPO membranes offer a smooth surface that offers the most protection against dirt and debris, which can severely reduce the roof’s reflective properties and lead to accelerated aging.


    TPO roofing is extremely durable and resilient to wear and tear and other forces of nature. The flexible characteristics of the membrane make it very resistant to tears, punctures, mold and dirt. TPO roofs also handle thermal expansion and contraction more effectively than other single-ply products. With our hot summers and cold winters in Chicagoland, our roofing structures see quite a bit of expansion and contraction. TPO is flexible enough that it will easily accommodate the structure moving or settling as time goes by.

    TPO Roofing Durability
    TPO Roofing Comfort


    TPO roofing helps prevent solar heat gain and it is UV resistant. Not only will TPO roofing lower your utility bills, but it will also reduce stress on your heating and cooling systems to create a more stable temperature in your Chicagoland building.


    TPO membranes come in sheets that are often wider and lighter than other flat roofing products. TPO roofing has less seams that are stronger than other materials, reducing the amount of time it takes to install a TPO/Cool Roof. Since it takes less time and labor to install TPO roofing, you save on installation costs.

    TPO Roofing Ease Of Installation
    TPO Roofing Reduction in Urban Heat Island Effect


    TPO or Cool Roofs with white surfaces have high solar reflectance and low absorption, whereas dark roofs have low reflectance and high absorption. TPO and Cool Roofs can help reduce the urban heat island effect in cities and suburbs, minimizing the thermal impact on the microclimate. TPO and Cool Roofs contribute to cooler and healthier cities, better air quality, mitigation of global climate change, and lower energy consumption.

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