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To prevent water damage and mold, you need seamless gutters that redirect rain effectively and efficiently away from your home. Maxtrix Exteriors installs heavy gauge aluminum seamless gutters and downspouts throughout the Chicagoland area. Want to keep the leaves and debris out for good? We also install the best gutter guard systems on the market.

At Matrix Exteriors, every gutter project is custom-designed to meet the needs of your roof and property. All of our materials and products are cut and shaped on location to guarantee that everything we use is custom fit for your Chicagoland structure. Your seamless gutters will be leak-free, angled for optimal water flow, and secured to your home with brackets designed for strength and durability, without damaging your siding or roof.

For a professional evaluation of your existing gutter system, our expert installers can help you choose the best seamless gutters for your Chicagoland property. Contact Us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.



    Aluminum gutters are a low-maintenance and durable solution for Chicagoland homeowners. Aluminum won’t rust and has a life expectancy of approximately 30 years, so you’re getting value at a low cost. Our aluminum gutters come in many colors to match any color scheme or home design.

    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Almond
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Black
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Copper Penny
    Copper Penny
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Dark Bronze
    Dark Bronze
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Designer Copper
    Designer Copper
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Grecian Green
    Grecian Green
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Herringbone
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - HG White
    HG White
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Light Maple
    Light Maple
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Linen
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Musket Brown
    Musket Brown
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Natural Clay
    Natural Clay
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Pebblestone Clay
    Pebblestone Clay
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Royal Brown
    Royal Brown
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Savannah Wicker
    Savannah Wicker
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Terra Bronze
    Terra Bronze
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - White
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Cream
    K-Style Aluminum Gutter - Gray


    Looking for the right gutter and downspout materials? Browse all the different materials we carry. We can select the best materials to ensure you get the most durable and long-lasting product that will protect your home for years.

    Copper Gutters
    Designer Copper Aluminum Gutters
    Designer Copper Aluminum
    Euro Copper Gutters
    Euro Copper
    Freedom Gray Copper Gutters
    Freedom Gray Copper
    Galvalume Gutters
    Galvanized Steel Gutters
    Galvanized Steel
    Mill Finish Aluminum Gutters
    Mill Finish Aluminum
    Painted Aluminum Gutters
    Painted Aluminum
    Paint Grip Steel Gutters
    Paint Grip Steel
    Vinyl Gutters
    Zinc Gutters


    K-Style gutters are a staple of the gutter industry, and for good reason. They have the lowest cost to install and maintain, which is perfect for those looking for an affordable gutter system that looks great. K-Style gutters come in many different colors and metals; making them an ideal choice for any Chicagoland home or business!

    K-Style Gutters
    K-Style Gutters
    Gutter Guards
    Gutter Guards
    Rectangular Downspouts
    Rectangular Downspouts
    Rectangular A-Elbow
    Rectangular A-Elbow
    Rectangular B-Elbow
    Rectangular B-Elbow
    Gutter Rectangular Offset
    Rectangular Offset
    K-Style Miters
    K-Style Miters
    K-Style End Caps
    K-Style End Caps
    Gutter Flashing
    Gutter Tile Adapters
    Tile Adapters


    Half-round gutters have a distinctively shaped profile that adds an Old World charm to any home. The round shape of the gutter helps water drain, and less water holding in the gutter leads to less rust over the years. With dozens of hanger options available, half round gutters are suitable in an endless number of applications including flat fascia, slanted fascia, no fascia, exposed rafters, or no rafters.

    Half Round Gutters
    Half Round Gutters
    Half Round Gutter Guards
    Half Round Gutter Guards
    Round Downspouts
    Round Downspouts
    Plain Round Elbow
    Plain Round Elbow
    Round Corrugated Elbow
    Round Corrugated Elbow
    Plain Round Offsets
    Plain Round Offsets
    Half Round Miters
    Half Round Miters
    Half Round End Caps
    Half Round End Caps
    Half Round Gutter Outlets
    Half Round Gutter Outlets
    Round Downspout Brackets
    Round Downspout Brackets
    Half Round Gutter Hangers
    Half Round Gutter Hangers
    Half Round Shanks
    Half Round Shanks
    Half Round Gutter Wedges
    Half Round Gutter Wedges
    Tile Adapters
    Tile Adapters


    We carry the most diverse and best quality gutter guards in the industry. With a vast line of gutter guards, we are sure to have the right solution for your home. From pine cones to tree seeds and everything in between, our gutter guards will protect your Chicagoland gutters from whatever mother nature throws at them.

    Aluminum Gutter Guards
    Aluminum Channel Gutter Guards
    Aluminum Channel
    Clean Mesh Gutter Guards
    Clean Mesh
    Diamond PVC Snap-In Gutter Guards
    Diamond PVC Snap-In
    Drop In Gutter Guards
    Drop In
    Filter Flo Poly Gutter Guards
    Filter Flo Poly
    Filter Flo XT Poly Gutter Guards
    Filter Flo XT Poly
    Free Flow Gutter Guards
    Free Flow
    High Flow Gutter Guards
    High Flow
    Hinged Gutter Guards
    Hoover Dam Gutter Guards
    Hoover Dam
    Leaf Defender Gutter Guards
    Leaf Defender
    Leaf Out Gutter Guards
    Leaf Out
    Lock On Gutter Screen
    Lock On
    Mesh Max Pro Gutter Guard
    Mesh Max Pro
    Micro Mesh Gutter Guards
    Micro Mesh
    Solid PVC Snap-In Gutter Guards
    Solid PVC Snap-In
    Step Up Gutter Guards
    Step Up


    Downspouts are drainage pipes that direct rainwater from the roof to the ground and away from your home. This protects your house’s foundation by ensuring that no rainwater pools around it. Our downspouts come in a variety of materials, styles and colors so you can choose the one that’s perfect for your home.

    Painted Aluminum Downspouts
    Painted Aluminum
    Mill Finish Aluminum Downspouts
    Mill Finish Aluminum
    Designer Copper Downspouts
    Designer Copper
    Copper Downspouts
    Freedom Gray Copper Downspouts
    Freedom Gray Copper
    Galvanized Steel Downspouts
    Galvanized Steel
    Galvalume Downspouts
    Painted Grip Steel Downspouts
    Painted Grip Steel
    Vinyl Downspouts
    Preweathered Zinc Downspouts
    Preweathered Zinc
    Euro Copper Downspouts
    Euro Copper


    Our Splash Blocks provide highly functional protection against puddles, standing water and soil erosion. The perfect balance of convenience and durability, these splash blocks are light enough for easy lifting yet strong enough to remain in place. Simply place them under the downspout elbow to enjoy long-lasting protection.

    Faux Slate Splash Block - Black
    Faux Slate - Black
    Faux Slate Splash Block - Chocolate
    Faux Slate - Chocolate
    Faux Slate Splash Block - Gray
    Faux Slate - Gray
    Faux Slate Splash Block - Green
    Faux Slate - Green
    Faux Slate Splash Block - Gray Slate
    Faux Slate - Slate
    Ribbed Splash Block - Brown
    Ribbed - Brown
    Ribbed Splash Block - Green
    Ribbed - Green


    Gutter Components


    1. Aluminum gutters are the most popular gutters on the market. The flexibility and reliability of aluminum makes it the most widely-used material for today’s gutters systems. Many consider it a universal option that fits well with most homes as well as commercial properties.

    2. Aluminum gutters are lightweight. Aluminum is a great option for those looking for a lighter material for their gutter needs. They also tend to sag less than heavier steel.

    3. Aluminum gutters are long-lasting. The typical aluminum gutter system will last about 20 years on average. While not a permanent solution, it does provide lasting results for a long period of time.

    4. Aluminum gutters will never rust. If you are looking for a long-lasting gutter solution, aluminum may be a good option. Unlike steel, it will not rust or corrode over time.

    5. Aluminum gutters are prone to dents. One concern people have about aluminum gutters is their tendency to dent. Although very large dents may affect their performance, small dents will have little to no impact on the functionality of the gutter system.

    6. Aluminum gutters are easy to maintain. Want a low maintenance solution for your gutter needs? Consider aluminum. It is one of the easiest materials to care for when it comes to the gutters.

    7. Aluminum gutters can be easily matched to a home. Most aluminum gutters come in many colors to match any home exterior. Their finish is often baked-on during the manufacturing process.

    8. Aluminum gutters are available in different thicknesses and gauges. This allows users to create a custom solution based on individual needs as well as the climate in which they live.

    9. Aluminum gutters can easily be made seamless. With nearly 70% of homeowners opting for seamless gutters, it is important to have a material that works well with this application. Aluminum is a great choice when running seamless gutters.

    10. Aluminum gutters resist thinning. Aluminum stands up well to snow and hail making them less likely to thin. They also hold their own in extreme climates as well as more mild ones.


    1. Seamless gutters offer a perfect fit… every time. Because each seamless gutter system is custom-fashioned for each unique property, homeowners are guaranteed a perfect fit… every time. When gutters fit well, they function well. An expertly-crafted system will offer the performance you need.

    2. Seamless gutters require little maintenance. Because seamless gutters have less joints, they don’t accumulate as much debris as sectional gutters do. They are also less attractive to little critters looking for a home. This all leads to less time spent cleaning and maintaining your seamless gutter system.

    3. Seamless gutters experience fewer clogs & backups. The joints and seams of sectional gutters lead to one thing: clogs. They make the buildup of leaves, twigs and other debris inside the gutter much more problematic. When these blockages become too large the system is unable to flush out the water creating damaging backups.

    4. Seamless gutters are less likely to leak. Anytime a gutter has a joint where two sections meet, there is the possibility of leakage problems. These joints can widen from each other. Holes can form. Rust can begin to take over. Seamless gutters have less joints and, therefore, less leaks and rust.

    5. Seamless gutters offer lasting appeal & beauty. One big benefit of seamless gutters is the lasting beauty and appeal they provide to the home. Many find them more aesthetically appealing than sectional gutters. They are often constructed from aluminum but can also be made from copper and steel as well. Most can be painted to match the home’s exterior. Many also offer a baked-on enamel finish that lasts for years and never requires painting.



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    Matrix Exteriors and Custom Interiors is a Chicagoland home improvement company that offers Home Construction, Home Remodeling, and Home Repair services. Located in Naperville, Illinois, we proudly serve the entire Chicagoland area. We believe that our construction skills in and around your home, are second to the relationship we build through honesty and outstanding service. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Let us finish that “honey do list”.

    We’re a real, professional company that provides the friendly, high-caliber service of a family-owned business. We thoroughly clean the job site daily, answer any questions you may have during the project, and treat you and your home with the utmost respect. We take COMPLETE responsibility for the work we do. Let us work for you.


    Chicagoland Home Remodeling and Renovation

    Matrix Exteriors and Custom Interiors is a home improvement company that offers Home Construction, Home Remodeling, and Home Repair services. Located in Naperville, Illinois, we proudly serve the entire Chicagoland area. We believe that our construction skills in and around your home, are second to the relationship we build through honesty and outstanding service. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Let us finish that “honey do list”. We’re a real, professional company that provides the friendly, high-caliber service of a family-owned business. We thoroughly clean the job site daily, answer any questions you may have during the project, and treat you and your home with the utmost respect. We take COMPLETE responsibility for the work we do. Let us work for you.

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    Brandon PalmerBrandon Palmer
    01:14 16 Jun 22
    I cannot speak highly enough of Matrix Exteriors! We contacted them to inquire about a roof replacement on our Jefferson Park home (built in 1902). David Ortiz was our production coordinator/project manager and let me say that man hustles! He was extremely diligent in making sure that we got the best bang for our buck but never compromised on quality. He was attentive, responsive, and connected us with a public insurance adjuster who helped us navigate the project and our expenses. After some inspections and minimal back and forth we got the good news on cost/insurance coverage from recent storm damage. We first connected with Matrix right before Memorial Day weekend... three weeks later we have brand new and gorgeous roof, siding, gutters, etc. The construction teams were extremely professional and hardworking. They were mindful of our home, and were really accommodating if we needed them to move materials or equipment so that my mother-in-law with limited mobility could get in/out of the house safely. Truly a 10/10 experience. Everyone we interacted with was simply top notch. We will absolutely be contacting this team again for future home improvement needs. Amazing!
    Efrain TorresEfrain Torres
    01:12 13 Jun 22
    I had Matrix come out and re do my siding. One they were so professional, on time and fast. It only took them 2 days to replace the whole siding on my house and it looks great. Before they started the work David came out and showed my wife and I few colors to choose from. He guided us on what colors work best with our roof and the brick colors. I would highly recommend them.
    Marge FellbergMarge Fellberg
    00:48 05 Jun 22
    My experience with Matrix Exterior was very professional . They answered all of our questions from start to finish. Their work was outstanding and the workers were very considerate of our home.The entire staff was a pleasure to work with during this process. We would highly recommend them. I would give them a call if you want the work done RIGHT.
    Admira DuldanicAdmira Duldanic
    01:50 03 Jun 22
    We could not be happier with our outcome. Matrix did an amazing job from start to finish.David was very professional, came out so we can choose our color and material ( he absolutely knew what colors to choose and what would work and even bring our home value up)The Matrix crew were quick, on time, professional and cleaned everything up.We are so satisfied.
    alice gongalice gong
    18:29 06 May 22
    I chose Matrix to replace my roof. I was recommended to Matrix Exterior company by my neighbor. David from Matrix came to my home to give me the free quote. He was very courteous, patient, and knowledgeable. He spent time to discuss my roof’s current condition, offered suggestions on material selection and design. When came install day, a team of 8-10 people showed up, working very quickly to remove the existing shingles. Then the lead installer flew a drone up to inspect the roof, making sure there is no hidden issues with the existing wood. The install team then went to work in installing the new underlayment and shingles. They finished in one day! After the install, the team cleaned up all the garbage in the yard. The following day, a new team came to install brand new gutters with screen. David and his entire crew were very professional, organized, efficient, the workmanship was top notch, amazing team, they finished a big job in two days. I am incredibly pleased with Matrix’s professionalism and quality of work, I highly recommend to anyone who is in need a new roof and looking for reliable company, go Matrix!!!

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